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Hi guy and girls,

I hope everyone got the invite to join and it wasn’t too tricky to make an account!? What would people like to see from/ do with this blog. It’s up to us!

If you are having issues with it I will try to help but I am no expert  🙂

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Holly 🙂


Steps to Success


Steps to Success

Where do you place yourself….

As this is the first blog I have ever attempted I thought this picture reflected my feeling towards the whole thing. I began thinking ‘Why me? I don’t even know where to start!’ and would have firmly placed myself at the I can’t/ won’t do it step. However I always try to have go and anyway what does it matter if I fail… (only the you guys, the whole cohort and the internet can see!). I now found myself on the ‘How do I do it?’ step and after annoying James Bird, I finally found out how this site works, which on the surface looks pretty, but confuses me greatly. So now I’m on ‘I’ll try to do it’ step and hopefully by the end of this I will be at the top saying ‘Yes I did it!’  (I will let you judge that).

So thought for the day… where are you on these steps of success? What can you relate it to (PGCE, giving up smoking or saving money – yeah right!).

If you want a welcome break from the tortuous Haylock, please add posts, articles and pictures – literally anything that interests you, as chances are it will interest someone here too!